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GSS Advanced Standing Option

The Online MSW Advanced Standing Option is open to transfer students and Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) graduates who have achieved a high level of academic performance and a successful field work experience.  Also, your undergraduate social work program or graduate social work program must be accredited by the Counsel of Social Work Education (CSWE).  If your program does not have CSWE accreditation you are not eligible for the Online MSW Advanced Standing Option.

The Online MSW program is specifically designed for students living in NY, NJ or CT.


The Online MSW Advanced Standing Option assumes you have completed the first year of an M.S.W. program, or for transfer students, when you have completed your field practicum.  (For B.S.W. graduates your undergraduate coursework is considered the equivalent of the first year of an M.S.W. program.  The 33 credits of your B.S.W. program are transferred into your M.S.W. transcript). Under this plan, you earn the remaining 33 credits for the degree in the Advanced Phase of our program, consisting of 24 course credits and 9 fieldwork credits. 

The program takes approximately one and one half years to complete leading to the M.S.W. degree with a clinical concentration.  Students begin the program by taking the Human Rights and Social Justice course (required for Fordham’s MSW degree) in the initial summer semester, followed by courses and field work in the fall and spring semesters. Students complete the degree in the first half of the following fall semester.  Each online course runs for 8 weeks. Students take two consecutively offered courses in the two fall semesters, two consecutively offered courses in the spring semester, and one course in each summer semester. Visit the Advanced Standing Plan of Study to learn more about sequence of courses.


The Office of Admission is dedicated to assist those interested in applying to the Advanced Standing option of the Online MSW Program. Please visit the GSS Admission page for information about admission requirements and application deadlines.

For questions regarding the Online MSW Advanced Standing option, please contact:

Anne Treantafeles, L.M.S.W.
Assistant Director of Marketing and Recruitment
Office of Admission
(212) 636-6602


Field Instruction is an integral part of Fordham University's Master of Social Work degree.  Advanced Standing students must complete 600 hours in their field practicum.  Students have an option of fulfilling fieldwork requirements by working either 14 or 21 weekly hours.  The Associate Director of Online Field Instruction will arrange a field placement following a one to one meeting with each student. These meetings can be conducted via Skype, phone, or on campus. Online students begin their field practicum in late August. 

Learn more about fieldwork on our Field Instruction page.  For additional information and questions specific to field instruction, please contact:

Jeff Coyle, L.C.S.W.
Associate Director of Online Field Instruction
Online MSW Program


For general information regarding the Online MSW Program, including Frequently Asked Questions, please return to the Online MSW home page.

For any additional questions regarding the Advanced Standing option of the Online MSW program, please contact:

Dr. Dale Lindquist
Program Director
Online MSW Program
(914) 367-3438
   or        Kathleen Rund, L.C.S.W.
Program Administrator/Student Liaison
Online MSW Program
(914) 367-3440


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