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What Our Students Are Saying
"As a graduate student who also works full-time, Fordham's Online MSW program has everything I need to be successful - flexible online courses, helpful and knowledgeable faculty and advisors and a comprehensive and engaging degree program. The online learning tools are straightforward and simple to navigate and are accessible when my schedule allows. Deciding to pursue my MSW online at Fordham was one of the best decisions I've ever made." ~ Melissa, Online MSW Student

Carol, Online MSW Student
Carol comes to the Online MSW Program with a personal history as a civilian survivor of the Lebanese Civil War. She has an extensive educational background, including a Bachelor degree in Anthropology from Brown University, as well as Master’s degrees from New York University and the University of California, Riverside. She identifies herself as a scholar, professor, and artist with interests that include research and interdisciplinary studies.

“The strength of Fordham’s Online MSW Program is the faculty really trying to create a sense of community online, pushing students to dialogue and to use critical thinking skills. I have found the faculty to be very respectful, and take the time to check in and listen. The online courses allow for flexibility of scheduling and there’s ready access to support services within Fordham."

Susan, Online MSW Student

Susan, a mother of two sons, has spent most of her life working in business related careers. In addition, she has always stayed connected to the community through volunteer work. Three years ago, Susan returned to school to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in Human Services. She is now in the process of obtaining her Masters degree in Social Work in the Online program. 

“The Fordham Online program has allowed me as a single parent to meet my personal and professional goals while taking care of children, aging parents and working a full time job. I feel that I am getting a wonderful education while still managing to care for the people that I love. I have two wonderful sons who are the light of my life and who hopefully can see how hard that I am working to improve our lives. I am amazed at how much I have learned and how many doors are opening for me at this time."

Jennifer, Online MSW Student

After completing her BA in psychology from the University at Albany, Jennifer worked as a Supervisor at a Residential Treatment Facility for emotionally disturbed youth. She supervised an 8 bed unit of adolescent females suffering with various emotional and mental health issues. She went on to train foster parents, before taking on a position as a Clinical Case Manager working with at risk children and families, alongside an LMSW coworker.  Given her personal and professional experiences, Jennifer decided to pursue her MSW degree in the online program.

“I am not only a student but a wife and mother as well. The Online MSW Program allows me to work at my own time, convenient to me, around my children’s needs. I am excited to be in the middle of my graduate career!”

Amy, Online MSW Student

Amy is a member of the first online cohort for the Fordham Graduate School of Social Service program. After obtaining her Master’s degree in Education and teaching Spanish for several years, she realized she wanted to pursue her education and obtain a degree in clinical social work. After looking into many other Online MSW degree programs, Amy chose Fordham because of the flexibility for working adults.

"I work full-time as a teacher and am able to pursue my MSW around my job because of the Online Program at Fordham.  They have provided a rich learning environment that values the whole student and appreciates the motivation, drive, and wealth of knowledge that full-time working adults can bring to a community.  Fordham has proven their understanding of their students as they have been flexible when life challenges arise.”

Online MSW Student

Raquel is proud to say she is a Fordham MSW-on-line student. Raquel’s interest in social work began after obtaining her Associates Degree and becoming employed with the Department of Corrections as a secretary. After a promotion to Counselor Aide, she decided to pursue her Bachelors in Social Work from SUNY New Paltz where she graduated Magna Cum Laude, earning a promotion to Corrections Counselor. Today Raquel is a Supervisor overseeing the behavioral unit and nurseryat Bedford Hills Correctional Facility. Her experience working with an incarcerated, mentally ill teenager inspired her to pursue her MSW degree. In addition to her career, she maintains her roles as mother, grandmother, sister, and wife, all while earning a degree from Fordham online. 

"The Fordham On-line MSW program has afforded me the unique opportunity to pursue my dreams of a Master's degree without compromising the career I have worked so hard to build. The on-line program is geared toward people like me who are committed to the journey and unwavering in our resolve to explore the exciting possibilities of a career in social work. I love and adore the program, the level of commitment from the staff involved and the amazing professors who are shaping our futures! I feel honored to have this opportunity and would recommend the program in the future to anyone seeking to earn an MSW.”

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