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M.S.W. Degree: Clinical Concentration

The clinical concentration is for M.S.W. students who want to directly provide social work services and treatment to individuals, families and groups.

An M.S.W. graduate with this concentration is qualified to practice in a variety of clinical settings, such as hospitals, outpatient mental health programs, foster care and adoption services, schools, family therapy centers and hospice programs.

Students choose their concentration after completing the Foundation Phase of the M.S.W. program (the first 33 credits).  Your concentration determines which courses you take in the Advanced Phase of your degree and which fieldwork choices you get.


Required Courses

The required courses introduce students to multiple behavioral theories and in-depth intervention skills.  Students also receive advanced training in clinical assessment and diagnosis.


Students can choose electives that enhance their knowledge of clinical practice or they can take courses in our other areas of concentration.


Students complete field instruction in an agency setting, where they can use and refine their clinical skills.  They are supervised by experienced M.S.W. clinical practitioners and get valuable feedback throughout the fieldwork assignment.

A required course for this concentration, Seminar in Clinical Social Work Practice (SWGS 6415), provides a forum for students to present cases from their fieldwork experience and discuss them in a collegial environment.


Below are sample plans of study for an M.S.W. degree with this concentration.

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