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M.S.W. Degree Concentrations

Our M.S.W. degree offers three areas of concentration to prepare you for the type of social work you would like to do:

You choose your concentration after you have completed the Foundation Phase of the M.S.W. program (the first 33 credits).  Your concentration determines which courses you take in the Advanced Phase of your degree and which fieldwork choices you get.


This concentration prepares students to provide social work services and treatment directly to individuals, families and groups.

Learn more about our M.S.W. Clinical Concentration. >>


This concentration prepares students for a career in the leadership and management of social services in local, national or international communities, agencies and organizations.

Leadership and Macro Practice is divided into two areas for a greater degree of specialization:

  • Focus A - Human Service Leadership: Focuses on managing organizations and systems, developing policy, writing grant proposals and obtaining funding.

  • Focus B - Community-based Practice and Leadership: Focuses on management responsibilities, as well as direct clinical practice with clients.

Learn more about our M.S.W. Leadership and Macro Practice Concentration. >>


This concentration is for students who want to develop the knowledge base of the social work profession by formulating hypotheses, conducting research studies and reporting findings.

Learn more about our M.S.W. Research Concentration. >>

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