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Business at Lincoln Center

The Gabelli School of Business will come to Fordham's Lincoln Center campus for the first time in fall 2014. This new program will allow undergraduates to study business in the center of Manhattan, a few subway stops from Wall Street, Madison Avenue and other corridors of world business.

The degree offered at Lincoln Center is different from those offered at the Gabelli School's other campus at Rose Hill. It is a Bachelor of Science in Global Business.

Click here to download a PDF copy of our Lincoln Center Brochure

What makes the Lincoln Center program different?

  • Urban setting right in the middle of midtown
  • Global content woven into every core curriculum course
  • Strong connections with the liberal arts departments at Fordham College at Lincoln Center
  • Four new academic concentrations in growing fields
  • A small program: 50 to 75 students in each grade/class level

Lincoln Center students must choose one of four concentrations as an overlay to their Bachelor of Science in Global Business degree. The options are:

The program truly is global, geared for students who will graduate into an environment where all business is international business.

It is also multidisciplinary: Students see the connections between business disciplines and liberal arts because each of their courses draws clear lines. Marketing students become masters of psychology and anthropology, for example. Digital media and technology students learn computer science and the visual arts. In the business world, as in life, everything is interconnected.

For more information about the Lincoln Center program, please contact Fordham's Office of Admission.


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