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Digital media and technology

Technology lives in New York City.

Google has an enormous office just north of the Meatpacking District. Makerbot has its HQ in Brooklyn. New York Times Digital and NBC Digital may soon eclipse the traditional media that spawned them.

The Lincoln Center concentration in digital media and technology prepares Gabelli School students to become major players in this realm.

Do these things interest you?

  • Developing mobile apps
  • Managing social media
  • Advancing e-commerce
  • Creating new ways of delivering content electronically: determining what new thing will one day render web pages obsolete?
  • Figuring out people‚Äôs shopping patterns online, and using that knowledge to advance a business

Fordham's digital media and technology coursework positions students to get jobs in these growing fields. In this concentration, classes might be drawn not only from business departments, but also from computer science, visual arts, and communications.

Courses you might take:

  • Social Media Across the Globe
  • Business of New Media
  • Mobile Commerce and Apps
  • New Media and Communication Law
  • E-Marketing
  • Media Economics
  • Visual Thinking
  • Fundamentals of Website Design

For more information about the digital media and technology concentration, contact the area chair of information systems, Professor Evan Katsamakas, at

For more information about admission to the Lincoln Center program, please contact Fordham's Office of Admission.


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