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The Ground Floor

  • Introduces fundamentals of accounting, finance, marketing
    and more.
  • Teams of students write a business plan for a new company
    of their own creation.
  • Assignments are graded twice: once by a business professor
    to assess a student's grasp of business fundamentals, then
    again by an English professor to evaluate writing mechanics,
    composition and style.
  • Understanding of all business disciplines
  • Development of writing, verbal presentation
    and critical-thinking skills
  • Practice working in teams
  • Learning to think "entrepreneurially"
  • Familiarity with New York City, via assignments
    that require students to explore the local area

Click below to see Professor James VanOosting explain to a Ground Floor class why the writing skills they are learning in the course are so critically important to business leaders.

Gabelli School of Business Writing Series I
Gabelli School of Business Writing Series II

Gabelli School of Business Writing Series III



Click below to see more business plans from Fall 2011.

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