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Liberal arts core

There is more to life — and more to a great business leader — than investments, spreadsheets, marketing plans and returns. The Gabelli School of Business recognizes this through our comprehensive liberal arts core curriculum.

The liberal arts core is part of what makes a Fordham business education different. Not every accomplished businessman or woman has studied the philosophy of St. Augustine, taken an English class called "Captives, Cannibals and Rebels," or come to understand the driving factors in the European economy after World War II. Gabelli graduates have had these opportunities.

Students complete the liberal arts core with 13 courses in this framework:

Economics:   Basic Macroeconomics
Basic Microeconomics           
Statistics I
English:     Composition II
Any sophomore-level English course
Fine Arts:    Any fine arts elective
History:   One "Understanding Historical Change" course
Mathematics:   Math Methods: Finite
Math Methods: Calculus
Philosophy:   Philosophy of Human Nature
Philosophical Ethics
Theology:   Faith and Critical Reason
Any sophomore-level theology course



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