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Marketing, with a focus on consumer insight

We are all consumers.

But can we explain what we buy?

Students in the Lincoln Center concentration in consumer insight will be able to answer the more complex questions about what dictates human purchasing behavior.

Equipped with knowledge from business, psychology, sociology and anthropology, graduates of this program can help companies and advertising agencies to determine things like:

  • Why do people have certain shopping habits?
  • What makes a person choose one brand over another?
  • What lures someone to click on a web link, or not?

Consumers have passions and drives that do not lend themselves to logic or modeling, and that cannot be explained by straight psychology alone. As a result, more companies are blending business with anthropology to delve deeper into consumer behavior.

That is what this program does, too.

Coursework to prepare students to be business anthropologists includes:

  • Cross-Cultural Consumer Insights I and II
  • Global Consumer Behavior
  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • Business Anthropology in a Global Context
  • Marketing Research

For more information about the consumer insight concentration, contact the acting area chair for marketing, Professor Sertan Kabadayi, at

For more information about admission to the Lincoln Center program, please contact Fordham's Office of Admission.


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