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Marketing, with a focus on consumer insight

Understanding consumer behavior has become increasingly challenging as a result of globalization, multiculturalism and fast-changing technology. It is still important for companies to know what consumers do and buy in the marketplace, but it has become even more crucial to understand why.

Consumers have passions and drives that do not lend themselves to systemic modeling or logical algorithms. In short, people can be hard to explain. Companies now need their marketers to use a new range of approaches to uncovering the complexities and contradictions of consumer behavior.

Our Lincoln Center program will prepare you to use those approaches.
This cutting-edge marketing concentration draws together knowledge from marketing, psychology, sociology and anthropology. It explores questions like:

  • Why do people have certain shopping habits?
  • What makes a person choose one brand over another?
  • What lures someone to click on a web link, or not?

Required coursework includes:

  • Cross-Cultural Consumer Insights I and II
  • Global Consumer Behavior
  • Marketing Research
  • Business Anthropology in a Global Context
  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Students also need to take a total of three electives from the marketing and anthropology fields, and they must complete one "experiential requirement," such as an internship, study tour or study abroad.

For more information about the consumer insight concentration, contact the marketing area chair, Professor Sertan Kabadayi, at

For more information about admission to the Lincoln Center program, please contact Fordham's Office of Admission.


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