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Gabelli School of Business Academic Calendars 2014-2015

For notice of cancellation of classes due to inclement weather, call 1-800-280-SNOW; announcements will also be made on WFUV (90.7 FM). 

Spring 2015 Calendar

5 Mon. University Opens
12 Mon. Classes Begin
GABELLI (Day/Evening Program)
19 Mon. Martin Luther King Jr. Day – University Closed
20 Tues. Add/Drop ends, last day for Program change
23 Fri. Deadline for removal of INC, ABS, and NGR grades
Incurred during Fall 2014
30 Fri. Last day of Attendance Reports are due - Round 1

5 Thurs. Last day to submit online the Candidate for degree card for May 2015 Graduates
16 Mon. President's Day - University Closed
17 Tues. Classes will follow a Monday Schedule
19-26 Thurs.-Thurs. GABELLI DAY- Mid-Term examinations
20 Fri. Last day for designating a course Pass/Fail
20-26 Fri.-Thurs. GABELLI EVENING - Mid-Term examinations

5 Thurs. Mid-semester evaluations due for freshmen
16-22 Mon. - Sun. Spring Recess - No Classes
23 Mon. Classes Resume
24 Tues. Last day to withdraw from a course without incurring a WF
30 Mon. Last day of Attendance Reports are due - Round 2

2-6 Thurs.-Mon. Easter Recess University Closed
7 Tues. Classes Resume
29 Wed. GABELLI DAY - Last day of classes
30-May 1 Thurs.-Fri. Reading days

1 Fri.

Final exams for Modern Languages
Level 1001, 1002, 1501, 1502 of Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish Or Level 2001 of Spanish

2 Sat. Last GABELLI Saturday classe
4 Mon. GABELLI EVENING - Last day of classes
4-11 Mon.-Mon. GABELLI DAY - Final Examinations
5-11 Tues.-Mon. GABELLI EVENING - Final Examinations
9 Sat. Final Examinations for GABELLI Saturday class
Final Examinations for Principles of Financial Accounting– 9:30 a.m.
14 Thurs. GABELLI Awards Night
15 Fri. Baccalaureate Mass 6:00pm
16 Sat. University Commencement
25 Mon. Memorial Day - University Closed

 12  Fri. Deadline for removal of INC, ABS, NGR grades incurred Spring 2015

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