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Communications and media management

Communication is so essential in the workforce that all Gabelli students complete a rigorous two-part course in business communication as part of the integrated business core. But students who envision careers in entertainment, television, film, online media, social media or book and magazine publishing can pursue further study in communications and media management. There are also in-depth options available to students who simply want to develop fluency in good executive communication skills.

Gabelli coursework in communications and media management is refined regularly to match the current state of these fast-changing fields, so students who choose this area of focus are assured a cutting-edge education. In addition to the full-time faculty, courses are taught by adjunct professors drawn directly from the New York City media industry.

The extended program in communications and media management is offered as a secondary concentration, taken in addition to one of the other Gabelli majors. The secondary concentration is extremely customizable: Students can choose courses based on whether they envision a career in a specific media-oriented industry or whether they want to generally sharpen their communication skills for their future roles as professionals and business leaders.




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