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Entrepreneurship at Gabelli is more than an area of study. It's a mindset. Entrepreneurs are game-changers — people who think differently, innately sense opportunity, come up with creative solutions and chase them with an uncommon drive. We teach that mindset.

For this reason, the Gabelli entrepreneurship curriculum is designed not only for students who envision themselves starting their own business someday, but equally for students who are entrepreneurial in the general sense — who may want to work in established companies in finance, accounting or marketing, but who want to innovate.

For both startup-launchers and others, our entrepreneurship track gives students the intellectual and behavioral fiber needed to think outside traditional lines and capitalize on opportunities, even in tough business situations. Our entrepreneurship coursework hones their character as creative problem-solvers and helps them to build their confidence, risk tolerance and professional networks.

Entrepreneurship is offered as a concentration, taken in addition to one of the Gabelli majors. Each entrepreneurship course includes a hands-on learning component that lets students test their classroom lessons in the real world.

Equipped with that real-world experience, some Gabelli students launch their own companies while they're still in college. Click here to read about two students who started a Bronx-based cookie-delivery business as Fordham juniors, and here to read about a student-run fantasy sports business.

Entrepreneurial students often join Fordham's Entrepreneurship Society. Some also work with the dean’s office to help organize TrepCon, the university’s annual conference for entrepreneurs and the general public.

Current or prospective students who are interested in entrepreneurship are encouraged to contact Christine Janssen-Selvadurai, head of the entrepreneurship program, at

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