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Law and ethics

It is more important than ever for business professionals to understand and employ practices that are in compliance with the law and with ethical norms.

Fordham is unique among business schools in its strong focus on law and ethics. A broad range of courses convey more than simply the rules of law and what constitutes good and bad conduct. Students become able to apply rules and concepts to navigate the legal challenges that face today's businesses, domestic and international.

Law and ethics coursework provides a solid grounding in the legal principles surrounding the organization, governance and practice of businesses. No matter what area of business students eventually pursue, they are aware of the legal boundaries and issues that may affect their work. They come to understand the fundamental rules governing contracts and business organizations, such as agency, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations.

Students who have a deeper interest in law and ethics — or who may plan on attending law school after college graduation — can take specialized legal courses on topics such as international business, employment and sports, as well as a class about international business ethics. This coursework can lead to a minor.


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