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Anyone who holds a job will tell you: Management does not come naturally to most people — including most managers. Good management is a skill and an art. The Gabelli management curriculum gives students a thorough understanding of the principles of management, turning them into professionals who are sought after for their skills at the top of the ladder.

Management skills come into play for everyone: executives at major corporations, heads of small and medium-sized businesses, commercial attorneys, and students who plan to complete an M.B.A. Fordham's management curriculum delves into wide-ranging areas of management study, from international business management and entrepreneurship to process improvement and overseeing staff.

Think of management coursework as an education in good decision-making and in how to work well with people, no matter what their background. Students who are fluent in management techniques will find themselves able to respond well under pressure and to handle difficult business situations with finesse.

There is no major in management at Gabelli, but students who choose the business administration major may choose a primary or secondary concentration in management.


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