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Masters of marketing have an unparalleled command of human behavior. They succeed in business because they understand what people need, what they’ll purchase, and what factors lie behind their buying decisions.

Marketers have an innate sense of the general public, sure — but they hone their craft by learning in depth about human needs and human nature. They are trained to apply the tools of economics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, statistics and mathematics to get people to make specific choices. This is why a Gabelli School of Business marketing education is so valuable.

All industries need marketing. Banks engage in it. Technology companies do, too. As do securities-trading outfits, charities, our government, the media, healthcare providers, schools and colleges, and politicians. Organizations of all types call upon marketers to identify customers’ needs, shape product offerings accordingly, and get the word out.

Every Gabelli student gains a foundation in marketing through the integrated business core curriculum, and those who wish to specialize can choose a major or concentration in the field. A marketing minor will launch in fall 2012.

The marketing program at Fordham includes several special opportunities:


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