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Marketing is a vital aspect of the U.S. and global economy that pervades all industries, not only "marketing companies" per se. Organizations in banking, securities trading, technology, charity, government, the media, healthcare, education and even politics need to be able to successfully market themselves.

It is imperative that marketing should not be seen as just another business function, but rather as a company orientation, and its interaction with other functions needs to be understood to improve a company's bottom line. This is why, regardless of a student’s chosen business focus, Fordham's marketing area aims to give students an overall framework about marketing and a marketing orientation, and to provide them with a thorough education in how economics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, statistics and mathematics integrate into a marketer's decision process.

Every Gabelli student gains a foundation in marketing through the integrated business core curriculum, and those who wish to specialize can choose a major, concentration or minor in marketing.

The marketing program at Fordham includes several special opportunities such as the Marketing Leadership Program for career development and one-on-one meetings with the marketing advisor.

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