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Core Curriculum

To reach the top echelon of the business world, a person needs to know more than business itself. Business leaders need to write compellingly and persuasively. They must deliver presentations that captivate their audiences. They need to understand other cultures, have exposure to humanity's greatest thinkers, and grasp how the lessons of the past influence our world today.

That's why Gabelli School of Business students are required to take English, philosophy, theology, history and other liberal arts courses in addition to the strong foundation they already receive in the fundamentals of business. It is one of the hallmarks of Fordham's program — one that many other undergraduate business schools do not offer or require.

But we are not educating for middle management. We are educating for the top.

The integrated business core comprises 12 courses that give students a solid foundation in business fundamentals while honing their ability to clearly express themselves, collaborate in teams, think strategically and creatively, and evaluate their own work. Click here to learn more about this unique, hands-on program.

The liberal arts core includes 13 courses — requirements and electives — drawn from Fordham's two liberal arts colleges. Click here to find out how economics, English, the fine arts, history, mathematics, philosophy and theology combine to give Fordham business students an uncommonly well-rounded education.


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