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Rebecca Horne, GBHP student

Name: Rebecca Horne
Major: Business Administration
Concentration: Finance
Minor: Spanish
Hometown: Paso Robles, California

Rebecca Horne will never forget her visit to the London offices of Winterflood Securities, a British international capital markets firm. There with her honors program classmates, she could not help but notice something that was all but missing from the company’s trading floor: women.

Rebecca mentioned this to one of the male Winterflood traders. "He told me that this would make work as a female trader at the firm more challenging," she recalled, "but that it could also make such a trailblazer incredibly valuable to the firm." The trader joked with her that she could have a job at Winterflood if she'd move to London right then.

Of course, as a Gabelli freshman, Rebecca would have to wait, but the moment had a lasting effect on her goals. "The conversation helped me realize that I felt up to this challenge, and that I wanted to leverage my position as a woman to pursue a career in financial markets," she said. By the summer after her sophomore year, she was on her way, having secured an internship on the trading floor of another British firm, Barclays.

Odds are good that Rebecca's career will always have the international edge that it has taken on through the Global Business Honors Program. A dedicated student of Spanish, Rebecca has studied abroad in Barcelona, and she found the honors program trips to Latin American businesses extremely enlightening. "It will prove impossible for honors students to become effective business leaders if they do not understand their clientele, especially clients' cultural expectations and unique perspectives," she said. "Having been to firms in both London and Santiago, Chile, I would take a radically different approach in my business dealings with a British client versus a South American client."

Real-world experience is helping Rebecca to solidify those lessons. During her time at Fordham, she has been an intern—both academic year and summer—at AXA Advisors, where she helped to expand the client base of the firm’s top-ranked financial advisory team. She also was an intern at Hightower Advisors in midtown Manhattan, where she worked with a portfolio-management team that was handling about $715 million in assets. Through all of these international experiences and internships, not to mention her coursework, Rebecca has found support in Fordham's philosophy. "Fordham has encouraged me to find my calling in the workplace, the community at large, and the world," she said. "I could not be more excited about where my life story is headed next."


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