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Vincent Winting, GBHP student

Name: Vincent Pizzaro Winting
Major: Business Administration
Concentrations: Business Economics and Marketing
Minor: Psychology
Hometown: Long Beach, California

Before even the halfway mark of his Gabelli education, Vincent Winting had the chance to help re-brand an entire New York City borough.

Vincent chose, as a sophomore, to do a service learning project with a nonprofit called Yes the Bronx, which aims to educate people citywide about the ethnic diversity, open space, commercial opportunities and vibrant neighborhoods of New York's northernmost borough, home to Fordham's Rose Hill campus. The group's goals are economic benefits for the Bronx and a step up in the local quality of life—two objectives that Vincent, who did a lot of community service both at his Jesuit high school and at Fordham, was happy to work toward.

"Fordham students are conscious of our place within New York City and the Bronx," he said. "Concern for the community is stressed much more here, as a Jesuit university, and it provides an unparalleled experience."

With Yes the Bronx, Vincent and 12 Gabelli classmates helped to organize a 5K run that branded the Bronx as a place for all New Yorkers to exercise amid scenic parkland. "I was in a Principles of Management class," Vincent said, "and felt this would be a way to apply what I learned each week to a real-life project and great cause."

Vincent’s time in the honors program and career beyond Fordham will likely include this combination of good business and good works. Having been an intern at UBS in New York City and at Halbert Hargrove Investment Management near his home in California, Vincent envisions working one day in the nonprofit sector and using his prior Wall Street experience to better the community around him. "Fordham has molded me to become an effective and conscientious member of the business community," he said. "To give back later in my professional life is very important to me."


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