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Lauren Jantsch, G.L.O.B.E. student

Name: Lauren Jantsch
Major: Business Administration
Concentration: Marketing
Minor: Economics
Internship: Johnson & Johnson, New York City
Study Abroad: Copenhagen, Denmark

For four months of her Fordham career, Lauren Jantsch woke up each morning in a dorm-style Danish kollegium and strolled the streets of Copenhagen to her classes in European Business Strategy and International Financial Markets.

On her way, there was a chance she'd pass an advertisement for Skands, a small, high-end Danish microbrewery that she and three of her peers were advising—as student consultants—on how to internationalize its brand through smart marketing and distribution.

Lauren had studied Spanish at Fordham, but she chose Denmark for her study-abroad experience because it represented a new and unique challenge. The chance to test out and unfamiliar culture and business environment offered Lauren lessons that are going to last. "I know this cultural immersion I had within a business setting will stick with me as I start my career," she said.



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