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Honors opportunities

Every year, the Gabelli School further develops its programs for the nation’s best and brightest business undergraduates. Top students can become part of small, specialized learning communities through honors programs that offer unparalleled advantages: international travel, special coursework, a close-knit cohort of very intelligent fellow students, regular meetings with top New York-based executives, and more.

A variety of standalone advanced opportunities allows students to customize their own honors experience based on their strengths and interests. Follow the links below to learn about the opportunities the Gabelli School offers to help our most talented students distinguish themselves academically and in the eyes of future employers.

  • Chartered Financial Analyst track: Prepares students to take the CFA Level I exam right after graduation. CFA certification is the finance industry’s gold standard in the mastery of investment principles.
  • Dual-degree programs: Within five years, students can earn both an undergraduate and graduate degree: a B.S. from the Gabelli School plus an M.B.A., M.S. or J.D. from one of Fordham’s graduate divisions.
  • Finance Scholars: The top 30 junior and senior finance majors are invited to join this select group, which connects students with a full-time finance mentor and with working executives who can help them find jobs.
  • Global Business Honors Program: The Gabelli School's intensive four-year honors track is open by invitation to about 25 of each freshman class’s top-ranked applicants. The tightly knit group enrolls in advanced courses and also travels abroad once every year, to destinations such as London, South America and China.
  • Honor societies: Fordham has chapters of five national and worldwide business honor societies, including Beta Alpha Psi and Phi Kappa Phi, as well as societies of its own.
  • Secondary concentration in international business: Completing this program adds a global edge to a student's Gabelli School degree, no matter what his or her major.
  • Undergraduate research: A faculty mentor will guide you as you complete an original research project that could be published in an academic journal. Or, you could work alongside a professor on his or her investigations.


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