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Secondary concentration in international business

Business school graduates emerge into a world that is ever more interconnected. The Gabelli School's secondary concentration in international business prepares you to succeed in that world.

This concentration puts an international spin on any business major you choose. It taps into Fordham's global coursework and its extensive partnerships overseas, giving you firsthand experience in the global arena and opening new opportunities for future careers.

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  • Choose a country or region of focus.
  • Study a foreign language that corresponds to your country or region, reaching the Intermediate II level or higher.
  • Take three targeted courses: two global business courses, plus one cultural studies course.
  • Study abroad for a full semester, or two summer sessions, or take two international study tours.
  • Be an active member in the International Business Circle, the Gabelli School's student organization devoted to the study of international business.

Can you give me an example?
Here is what the secondary concentration might look like in action:

Region/country: China
Language: Mandarin Chinese through Intermediate II
Coursework: Global Marketing; Marketing in China; Contemporary China
Study abroad: A spring break study tour to Beijing and Shanghai in junior year, and a spring break study tour to Turkey as a senior

For more information, contact Michael Polito, assistant dean for global academic affairs, at


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