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Gabelli Honors Thesis Program

Superior Gabelli School of Business students are selected in the fall of their junior year to distinguish themselves by participating in the Gabelli Honors Thesis Program. This three-course sequence enables them to conduct original business research of publishable quality. 

The program begins in the spring semester of junior year. During that first term, each participant learns research methodology, identifies and chooses a thesis advisor, and — with the advisor's help — begins to define a specific thesis topic. The outcome of this initial semester is a proposal that includes a comprehensive literature review, a "roadmap" for a theory-based study, and the delivery of an oral presentation and written proposal.

In the fall of senior year, each student learns more about research, refines his or her specific proposal, gathers relevant data and begins to analyze the data. In the spring of senior year, the program encompasses final data analysis, writing a first draft, and editing it, under the advisor's and program director's supervision, into the final draft.


Meet two recent honors thesis writers who have had success in publishing their work in national and international journals!

Kevin McAleer
A cross-cultural analysis of online social lending
Nicole Palermo
A study of how personal pronoun use in product names affects sales


For more information about doing an honors thesis at the Gabelli School, contact Stanley Veliotis, program director, at


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