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If the phrase "everything I know about business I learned from a textbook" describes your college experience, you didn't attend the Gabelli School of Business. Gabelli School students graduate with years of hands-on experience acquired both inside and outside the classroom — a trait that is magnetic to future employers.

Going to school in the world financial capital of New York City, Gabelli School students get a ton of practical industry experience from internships, of course. But learning by doing takes place all over campus as well.

  • Did you know that the Gabelli School offers a course that lets students manage $1 million of Fordham’s actual endowment money?
  • Did you know that students import artisan goods from Africa and market them in the United States?

To see how the Gabelli School gives students real-world, practical experience that is as educational and professionally enriching as it is valuable on a résumé, expand the links about each of the programs below.

Student Managed Investment Fund

Fair Trade artisan program

Local consulting program

New York City service learning

Corporate-sponsored academic competitions

Integrated projects

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