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Internal Transfers

When can students transfer from Fordham College Rose Hill or Fordham College Lincoln Center into the Gabelli School of Business?
Most Fordham College students will switch into Gabelli in the fall or spring of their freshman year. Students should make the change as early as possible, so that they can get into the sequence of courses needed for the integrated business core.

The ideal is for students to declare their intention to transfer and complete the process before even beginning their freshman fall semester at Fordham, but internal transfers are considered as late as the end of the freshman spring semester.

What is the procedure for an internal transfer?
Internal transfer students must submit a completed and signed Internal Transfer Form, which can be obtained from their class dean. They also must attend a Gabelli internal transfer meeting prior to formally submitting their completed form to Steven Najzdionek, the assistant dean at Gabelli who oversees transfer students. A current list of these scheduled meetings can be obtained by e-mailing Dean Najdzionek at

Please note that depending on when a student decides on an internal transfer, he or she may need to take one or more summer courses as prerequisites to the transfer.

For more information about the internal transfer process, please consult your current class dean or contact Dean Najzdionek.



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