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Commercial capital

There are more than 300,000 financial services jobs in New York City alone.

JPMorgan Chase is headquartered here. As is Citigroup. Not to mention Goldman Sachs, AIG, Morgan Stanley, MetLife, Barnes & Noble, American Express, Time Warner, Polo Ralph Lauren and dozens of other members of the Fortune 500.

New York ranked first worldwide in the 2011 Cities of Opportunity survey, finishing in the top three in six key indicators, including intellectual capital and innovation, economic clout, and technology readiness.

Think about it:
Why go to business school anywhere else?

Here are just a few advantages to choosing a business school in New York City:

Picture yourself commuting from campus to your part-time job at CBS. Picture your financial markets class on the trading floor at NASDAQ. Picture yourself having lunch with your mentor at her BlackRock office. Picture yourself in class with an adjunct instructor who just sold his one-year-old mobile app to Skype for $80 million.

If you want to shape world commerce, go to school in the center of world commerce.



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