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Hughes Hall

Hughes Hall is where business lives at Fordham.

The Gabelli School moved into this building in 2012, following a renovation so dramatic that the only thing "old" that remains is Hughes' 1890s exterior.

What lies inside is a state-of-the-art center for business education.

Here you will find:

  • An in-house trading room. Learn to monitor the markets in real time.
  • 15 Bloomberg terminals. Financial data here.
  • Videoconference rooms. Interview with an overseas company by Skype.
  • A student lounge with iMacs, giant flat-screens and booth tables. Hang out and talk business. Or not.
  • Classrooms wired with recording equipment. Didn't get part of that lecture? Watch it again online from home.
  • A career center, a center for international business and an honors room.

This is the kind of building where tomorrow's business leaders get their start. With, courtesy of Hughes's traditional gray stone, a respectful nod to Fordham's history.

What will you remember from your years in Hughes Hall?

Climb the glass staircase and find out.


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