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IGNITE Program

If you walk out of campus on graduation day as the same person you were when you arrived freshman year, something went wrong. College is an amazing time, but it's a time that changes you.

The IGNITE Program at the Gabelli School of Business helps you make the most of that change, using it to fuel your career and, as St. Ignatius Loyola advised, "set the world on fire."

The program is based on three Jesuit principles:

  • Cura personalis, or "care for the whole person" — We give you time to explore lots of different options, discover new things, and determine what you really want out of life.
  • Magis, or "more" — The Jesuit value of "more" means going above and beyond. We help you to develop the academic, leadership and interpersonal skills needed to have a career and life that surpass the ordinary.
  • Homines pro aliis, or "men and women for others" — We ask you to think about how business and commerce can go beyond the profit motive to help society, the environment and generations to come.

In each year of IGNITE, the experience is characterized by a different phase or theme:

  • Freshman year: Self-awareness — What path do you want for yourself? Discover possible majors and careers. Test things out by getting involved.
  • Sophomore year: Ingenuity — Sharpen your skills. Do things that make you stand out. Become knowledgeable about areas of study and business industries.
  • Junior year: Passion — Determine your business focus. Pursue it with your greatest energy. Hold internships or take campus leadership positions.
  • Senior year: Heroism — Begin accomplishing your goals. Become a role model to underclassmen. Write a three-year plan that will take you beyond graduation.
For a copy of the full program brochure, click here.



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