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Job opportunities

What lies on the other side of a Gabelli School of Business education?
Ask our Class of 2011.

For Tom Mullooly, it is an analyst position at Credit Suisse.
For Ahmed Haruna, it is an associate slot at KPMG, one of accounting's Big Four.
For Sidney Henne, it is being an assistant account executive at advertising powerhouse BBDO.

Your post-Fordham story will be up to you.

As you approach your senior year, our Personal and Professional Development Center staff will help you to take all your accomplishments so far — your academic foundation in business, extracurricular activities, experience abroad and internships — and package them into a portfolio that will catch the attention of employers like these.

The Gabelli staff will advance your career search through individualized attention. One-on-one meetings with deans, directors and pre-professional advisors are always available. You can come in to develop a high-impact résumé, field practice interview questions, or learn how to make the most of your professional interactions with Fordham's corporate contacts and alumni, as well as your own family and friends.

The center also offers organized career-development activities for students who are in the job-search process. This list is always growing, and presently includes:

  • "Acing the Finance Interview" workshop
  • "Communicating Your Professional Brand" workshop
  • Finance résumé workshops
  • Finance Society membership
  • "Internship Search Strategies" workshop
  • Marketing Leadership Program
  • Marketing networking and communication strategies session
  • On-campus informational interviews in finance, IT and marketing
  • Pre-career-fair prep workshops in accounting, finance and marketing
  • Strategic job planning sessions in marketing
  • Technical mock interviews in finance

Looking for evidence that career placement at Gabelli works? Take a peek at our success stories.


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