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Personal development

The business world is a challenging place. A little extra caring during your business school years can make all the difference in succeeding in it.

This is part of what makes Gabelli different from other business schools. The Jesuit tradition at Fordham is driven by the principle of cura personalis, or "care for the whole person." We truly do care about every student.

That is why our curriculum includes a four-year personal development program that puts students on the track to fulfilling post-college lives. Called the IGNITE Program, this one-of-a-kind sequence wraps together elements of self-discovery and self-awareness, career development and service to others. Students emerge prepared to handle anything that life after graduation might bring their way.

Gabelli students who want to extend their personal development even further may consider joining one of Fordham’s unique living and learning communities, where groups of students with similar interests live in the same residence hall and take many of their classes together. Gabelli has a business-focused one open to sophomores: the Integrated Learning Community for Global Business.





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