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Gabelli’s student clubs are some of the most powerful agencies on campus in bringing high-level executives for networking. It’s an amazing opportunity for the club members, too. Think about it: A CEO, chief marketing officer or head trader has a sky-high chance of remembering you if you’re the student who helps to coordinate his or her appearance at your organization’s meeting.

Business student organizations are an unparalleled way for Gabelli students to showcase their leadership skills, too. Below are four examples of Gabelli’s most active clubs and the leadership roles they have taken within the last year in organizing informational and networking meetings between industry professionals and their members.

Beta Alpha Psi (a national honor society for students of accounting, finance or information systems and those pursuing careers in financial services)

  • Accounting and consulting opportunities: Deloitte
  • Accounting and consulting opportunities: Ernst & Young
  • Executive visit: Michael Puglisi, CFO, Blackstone Group
  • Panel: Gabelli young alumni in accounting

Entrepreneurship Society (a Fordham student organization for undergraduates interested in entrepreneurship: either launching new businesses or expanding existing companies into new ventures)

  • Panel: "The School of Hard Knocks: How Failure Makes You Smarter"
  • Panel: "What Do Investors Look For?"
  • Lecture: "Rich Grad Poor Grad: What Every College Student Needs To Know About Money & Entrepreneurship," with Tony D'Angelo

Finance Society (a Fordham student organization for students interested in finance careers)

  • Executive visit: Martin Mauro, managing director and the head of private client fixed income research, and Mary Ann Bartels, head of technical and market analysis, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch
  • Lecture: "Ratings, Ratings Agencies and The Ratings Process: Internship and Career Opportunities at the Big Three (Moody's S+P, Fitch)"

Smart Woman Securities (the Fordham chapter of a national nonprofit organization devoted to investment education for female undergraduates)

  • Seminar: Understanding the Stock Market, presented by Laura Roche, CFO of Atwater Capital
  • Seminar: Evaluating Companies with Financial Metrics, presented by Phil Lamariana and Angela Terra, JPMorgan Chase
  • Seminar: Creating an Investment Recommendation, presented by Michael Butler and Siobhan Santiago, JPMorgan Chase
  • Seminar: Personal Finance, Saving and Investing, presented by Sean Reed, New York Life Insurance Co.



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