Fordham University            The Jesuit University of New York


Donna Rapaccioli
Dean of the Gabelli School of Business Administration
Interim Dean, Graduate School of Business Administration
Dean of Business Faculty
University Professor • 718.817.4466

Harry Kavros
Associate Dean • 718.817.4115


Class Deans

Mario DiFiore
Assistant Dean, Advisor to Seniors • 718.817.4109

Gabriella Brown
Assistant Dean, Advisor to Juniors • 718.817.4969

Hanaa Fawzy
Assistant Dean, Advisor to Sophomores • 718.817.4106

Greer Jason-DiBartolo
Assistant Dean, Advisor to Freshmen • 718.817.4108

Vincent DeCola, S.J.
Assistant Dean, Advisor to the Gabelli School at Lincoln Center • 212.636.6696

Steven Najdzionek
Assistant Dean, Advisor to Transfer Students • 718.817.4107


Program Directors

Rosanne Conte
Director of the Evening Program • 718.817.4112

Brian Dunn
Director of Honors Opportunities and the Global Business Honors Program • 718.817.5203

Michael Polito
Assistant Dean, Director of International Programs • 718.817.4541

Nicole Gesualdo
Director of Strategic Communications • 718.817.5145

Jeffrey Haynes
Manager of Academic Computing • 718.817.4639


Integrated Business Core Staff

Zixin Mao
Manager of Instructional Services • 718.817.2014


Pre-Professional Advisors

Lisa Henkoff
Finance • 718.817.4100

Gina Hill LoBasso
Marketing • 718.817.0745

Tara Naughton
Director of Undergraduate Accounting and Dual-Degree Programs • 718.817.0175

Stefanie Gianakis
Finance • 718.817.4100


Support staff

Elizabeth Grizzaffi
Administrative Assistant to the Dean • 718.817.4466

Susan Brucculeri
Administrative Assistant to the Deans • 718.817.4102

Doreen Fishburne
Administrative Assistant to the Deans • 718.817.4103

Elizabeth Cardiello
Administrative Assistant to the Business Faculty • 718.817.4101

Valerie Mastriocovo
Administrative Assistant to the Business Faculty • 718.817.1004


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