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Nancy McCarthy
Manager, Personal and Professional Development

Nancy McCarthy, Gabelli's manager of personal and professional development, has been dedicated to meeting the needs of Fordham undergraduates since 1987. By teaching students to polish their résumés, develop their overall self-presentation and understand how to ace an interview, she has helped to lay the groundwork for many successful careers. Dean McCarthy also works closely with the Fordham alumni network to place students in internships and full-time jobs.
Dean McCarthy has held many positions at the university, most recently as dean of the Gabelli senior class. She created a for-credit Business Communication Internship course and helped to design the summer Applied Business Communications class that has been taught at Gabelli for more than a decade. She also played a role in establishing an ongoing relationship with University College Dublin, which has grown into a popular study-abroad destination for Gabelli students. Dean McCarthy holds a B.A. in English and an M.A. in liberal arts with a focus on communication.

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