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Strategic plan

To ensure that the Gabelli School of Business constantly builds on its strong foundation, Dean Donna Rapaccioli oversees the implementation of a strategic plan and updates its major goals and initiatives each year.

Presently, the plan concentrates on the continual enhancement of four areas:

  • Academic curriculum
  • Globalization
  • Student personal and professional development
  • Pedagogical excellence and innovation

A brief snapshot of these four areas follows. Please note that the programs and plans described below are nowhere near exhaustive; they are meant to offer a general sense of the school's strategic direction.


Academic curriculum

Recent milestones:

  • Developed a Bachelor of Science in Global Business program for the Lincoln Center campus, beginning fall 2014
  • Completed implementation of the integrated business core
  • Fully developed The Ground Floor course and sophomore integrated projects
  • Increased participation in undergraduate research
  • Added eight new entrepreneurship courses
  • Opened a small-business incubator near campus for student and alumni ventures
  • Created a minor in sustainable business
  • Launched secondary concentrations in alternative investments, sports business and value investing

Future plans:

  • Continue to make the business program more writing-intensive
  • Provide greater leadership assessment services for students
  • Continue to increase quantitative rigor in all courses, especially market analytics, management, business policy and portfolio management



Recent milestones:

  • Increased the proportion of international students in the freshman class to more than 11 percent, up from as low as 3 percent several years ago
  • Doubled participation in the fall semester of the London study-abroad program and raised spring semester enrollment by 50% in a single year
  • Raised overall involvement in international study: More than 250 Gabelli students study abroad each year
  • Made our international business program more rigorous and gave it full status as a secondary concentration that students can earn on their degrees
  • Tied our one- and two-week study tours more strongly to course content
  • Worked to solidify new relationships with universities abroad, focusing our efforts on Turkey and India and looking toward South Africa and Ireland next

Future plans

  • Expand partnerships with additional Jesuit institutions abroad
  • Identify specific study-abroad opportunities for each major
  • Design more fair trade/microfinance classes in additional countries to augment our current offerings


Student personal and professional development

Recent milestones:

  • Expanded our network of recruiters
  • Created a certificate program in compliance and risk management to help young alumni in finance train for available jobs
  • Bolstered our pre-law advising for students considering the LSAT and law school
  • Supplemented our existing career development program with new workshops, online résumé reviews, online guides for juniors and school-wide events such as Access Your Future Week
  • Fostered online networking services for Gabelli alumni

Future plans:

  • Expand our Jesuit-run program of discernment exercises for self-discovery and personal development
  • Offer more seminars that prepare students to articulate their expertise and value
  • Further expand our internship database
  • Enhance our hiring pipeline through relationships with new companies, especially small and mid-size firms that have growth potential


Pedagogical excellence and innovation

Recent milestones:

  • Refined our balanced pursuit of theoretical and practical approaches
  • Encouraged faculty to incorporate more team-based projects and collaborative learning into their classes
  • Improved our system for determining whether professors' methods are successfully conveying material to students
  • Continued to foster the use of cutting-edge technology in the classroom

Future plans:

  • Provide teaching workshops on new topics suited to faculty needs and interests
  • Encourage wider participation in our program in which faculty members gain new ideas for their own lessons by observing colleagues' classes


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