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Fair Trade

Are these college experiences you want to have?

  • Traveling to India
  • Finding U.S. markets for products from Africa and Bolivia
  • Advancing social justice

If so, Fordham's Fair Trade program is for you.

This highly successful international program allows Gabelli School students to import
and sell global Fair Trade products in the United States. In doing so, they get real-world practice in marketing, accounting and other business skills.

With the guidance of an advising professor, students:

  • Identify Fair Trade products that will sell well in the United States
  • Develop comprehensive marketing plans
  • Import goods to New York
  • Sell products online, on campus and around the city
  • Return the profits to the business owners in Kenya, Bolivia and India
  • See firsthand how the Fair Trade model benefits underprivileged communities and the environment, and promotes economic and social justice

Products include Fair Trade-certified coffee and chocolate, beaded and metal jewelry, soapstone carvings and student-designed Fair Trade gear.

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