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Liz Andelora (GSB '13)

Explains the Fair Trade Philosophy:

Fair Trade develops our awareness of social justice issues that exist in today's world. In class discussions, we talk about how those issues affect our lives, and how we can use our awareness to have a positive impact on the world.

Amani is the name of the student-run business that sells Fair Trade goods at Fordham. We work to raise profits for our partners, who are artisans based in Kenya, Bolivia and other developing countries. At the end of the day, however, our purpose is greater: We are responsible for revealing the truth about the injustices faced by so many people in the world and ways that we can help contribute to a solution.

All profits from the goods we sell, as well as any donations we receive, are reinvested directly into placing more orders with our artisans. The best way we can address the socioeconomic injustices they face is to continue to place orders with them, provide markets here in the United States for their goods, and raise awareness about Fair Trade by sharing their stories.

Our goals for our partners are self-sufficiency, a sense of dignity and the ability to earn a livable wage.

Our greatest interest lies in being able to do just a little bit of good.

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