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Semesters abroad

For four months of her Fordham career, Lauren Jantsch woke up each morning in a dorm-style Danish kollegium and walked through the streets of Copenhagen to her class in European Business Strategy. On off days, she and three of her classmates, acting as student consultants, advised the high-end Danish microbrewery Skands on how to internationalize its brand by improving its marketing and distribution.

What is your study-abroad experience going to look like?

Living in another country for an entire semester is an unparalleled advantage for business students. Gabelli students abroad have the chance to:

  • Immerse themselves in a whole new business culture. How is a morning meeting run in Singapore?
  • Make connections at an all-new roster of businesses. Imagine meeting executives at UBS in Geneva or at Toyota in Tokyo.
  • Learn another language. Taken some Spanish already? You could come home from a semester in Santiago, Chile, with the fluency you need to land a job expanding a business into the vast U.S. Hispanic market.

Fordham has connections with more than 150 programs in countries all over the world. In terms of curriculum and coursework, Gabelli has special ties with:

  • The Beijing Center of Loyola University Chicago — Beijing, China
  • John Felice Center of Loyola University Chicago — Rome, Italy
  • Temple University Rome Center — Rome, Italy
  • Syracuse Center in Beijing — Beijing, China
  • Syracuse University Madrid Center — Madrid, Spain
  • Universitat Ramón Llull — Barcelona, Spain
  • University College Dublin — Dublin, Ireland
  • not to mention Fordham's own London Centre.

Think about which nation will be your home for a few months. The choice is yours.


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