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Rio de Janerio and São Paulo, Brazil

During the spring semester, about 30 students threw themselves into an investigation of the financing of the developing world, as part of the Financial Modeling of Emerging Markets course. During spring break, they threw themselves into the culture of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte, Brazil, on a Gabelli School study tour.

The nine-day trip was led by the class's professor, David Talbot of McKinley Capital Management, one of the many working executives who teach Gabelli School courses in addition to their careers. He planned for his students a series of visits to the Brazilian offices of banks such as HSBC and Deutsche Bank, a law firm and even a bridge-construction site in Rio — each offering in-depth information on economics, finance and corporate culture in South America.

Before coming home to campus, the group also toured some of the sites for which Brazil is best known: Corcovado Hill, with its enormous statue of Christ; Rio's Sugar Loaf Mountain, seen by cable car; and the cathedrals of São Paulo.

Below are some pictures taken by the Gabelli group while in Brazil.

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