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South Street Seaport: From Its Original Conception to Its Present-Day Revival was completed in the fall semester 2007 by students of Fordham University in New York City. The students were all undergraduate sophomores in the Honors Program of Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC), class of 2010. The project was assigned for the Trends in New York City class under the guidance of Dr. Roger Panetta, Professor of History. A presentation was given at the Lincoln Center campus on December 12, 2007.

We have made this website publicly available so that others may benefit from the research we completed about the seaport. We hope that other students may find this information useful in their studies of the subject and for the general public to better understand the history behind what used to be one of the world's most important seaports.

We have prepared a bibliography which details all the sources we consulted in the project. We have also placed endnotes or citations on some texts and have identified the sources of any copyrighted texts and photographs. If you believe we have missed a citation or made an error, please contact the webmaster.

Project Coordinators

  • Class Instructor: Dr. Roger Panetta, Professor of History
  • Web Designer / Webmaster: Shane Skowron
  • Bibliographic Compiler: Aleksandra Radyuk
  • Copyright Coordinator: Michael Begun
  • Editing Coordinator: Adrienne Cousineau
  • Graphic Scheme: Brooke Burdge
  • Interview conductors: Lauren Evangelista and Jessica Mazzola
  • Main narrative coordinator: Kimberly Siletti
  • Public Presentation Coordinator: Morgan Greene
  • Video coordinator: Lauren Evangelista


  • Yelena Ambartsumian, FCLC '10 (Heyday group)
  • Michael Begun, FCLC '10 (Origins group)
  • Brooke Burdge, FCLC '10 (Decline group)
  • Kathryn Burke, FCLC '10 (Decline group)
  • Adrienne Cousineau, FCLC '10 (Origins group)
  • Lauren Evangelista, FCLC '10 (Restoration group)
  • Christine Graham, FCLC '10 (Decline group)
  • Morgan Greene, FCLC '10 (Heyday group)
  • Samuel Hubler, FCLC '10 (Heyday group)
  • Simone Kennedy-Mitton, FCLC '10 (Heyday group)
  • Jessica Mazzola, FCLC '10 (Origins group)
  • Thomas McCord, FCLC '10 (Origins group)
  • Aleksandra Radyuk, FCLC '10 (Heyday group)
  • Kimberly Siletti, FCLC '10 (Decline group)
  • Shane Skowron, FCLC '10 (Restoration group)
  • Colleen Slentz, FCLC '10 (Origins group)
  • Vladimir Tchikrizov, FCLC '10 (Restoration group)
  • Jessica Thompson, FCLC '10 (Origins group)

Thanks to

  • South Street Seaport Museum Staff
  • Fordham University Libary Staff
  • New York Public Libary Staff
  • Dr. Anne Mannion, Director of the FCLC Honors Program
  • Robert R. Grimes, S.J., Ph.D, Dean of Fordham College at Lincoln Center
  • Dr. Roger Panetta
  • Jack Putnam
  • Fordham University's Office of Web Development, for permanently hosting this site on the Fordham servers
  • Michael Derling (FCLC'10), Francis Pastorelle (FCLC'10), and Kim Hawkey (FCLC'10), musicians for the sea shanties clips

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