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We have prepared a number of expository essays of varying topics related to South Street during the Decline Period. Each is available in HTML and PDF formats. The HTML versions are for viewing online and may contain pictures and hyperlinks, while the PDF versions are suitable for downloading and printing.
  • Containerization and the Decline of South Street Seaport
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  • This essay discusses the history of containerization, its implications for the Port of New York and its instrumental role in the decline of South Street Seaport. By Christine Graham.

  • Film Portrayal of the NYC Waterfront
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  • A survey of several films which depicts of the New York City waterfront and their affect on how the waterfront appears to viewers. By Kathryn Burke.

  • Fulton Market
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  • A history of the Fulton Market with an emphasis on the development and operation of the Fulton Fish Market. By Kathryn Burke.

  • General Slocum
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  • A short discussion of the 1904 ship fire which took the lives of over 1,000 on the East River. By Kimberly Siletti.

  • Shaping Manhattan
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  • A discussion of the positive and negative aspects of South Street's decline on the whole of Manhattan. By Kimberly Siletti.

  • Subcultures at South Street Seaport
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  • This essay describes the subcultures which occupied South Street Seaport from 1870-1960 and why these subcultures may have been attracted to the ruins of the declining Seaport. By Christine Graham.

  • The Depths of the Decline
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  • An exploration of the degree of despair that the seaport experienced. This essay discusses the significant positive aspects of the seaport, such as its continual importance to the shipping industry as well as its influence on art. By Brooke Burdge.

  • The Influence of Transportation on the Decline of South Street Seaport
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  • A discussion of the various advances in transportation throughout the 20th century and how these changes affected the seaport area. By Brooke Burdge.

  • The Hidden History of Manhattan
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  • A discussion of the pollution and the past of the Harbor, as well as its effects on South Street Seaport. By Kimberly Siletti.

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