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We have prepared a number of expository essays of varying topics related to South Street during the Restoration Period. Each is available in HTML and PDF formats. The HTML versions are for viewing online and may contain pictures and hyperlinks, while the PDF versions are suitable for downloading and printing.
  • Initial Considerations for Architectural Design and 
    Restrictions at South Street Seaport
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  • A discussion of the initial architectural plans for the restoration of South Street from the early 1970's. Discusses historical intentions, architectural designs, and architectural components. By Shane Skowron.

  • Commercial Development
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  • This essay discusses at length the history of commercial development of the historical district. By Vladimir Tchikrizov.

  • More than Just Retail Space: The Cultural Program at South Street
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  • A discussion of street performing traditions and other arts and educational programs available at South Street Seaport. By Lauren Evangelista

  • Return to the Water: Efforts to Revive Maritime Activity
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  • A discussion of three prominent organizations at South Street that promote the awareness of marine industry and history. By Lauren Evangelista

  • Seamen's Church Institute
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  • This essay gives both a historical and contemporary view of the Seamen’s Church Institute, which has been a haven for seafarers since its foundation in 1834. By Jessica Mazzola.

  • Seaport Museum
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  • This essay discusses the organization that began the seaport's revival. By Vladimir Tchikrizov.

  • South Street: The Neighborhood
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  • A look into the maritime neighborhood's transformation since the 1960s and 1970s. By Lauren Evangelista

  • The Artist in Residence and Her Passion for South Street:  a mini- Portrait of Naima Rauam
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  • A brief description of Rauam's renown and interest in the Fulton Fish Market as a subject for her art. By Lauren Evangelista

  • The Debate Over South Street
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  • This essay investigates the various public and critical commentaries about the Restoration of South Street Seaport. It surveys various opinions on whether or not the process of restoration was a success. By Jessica Mazzola and Lauren Evangelista.

  • The Fulton Market Moves
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  • This essay discusses the removal of the Fulton Fish Market from the South Street Seaport District and the repercussions that this move has had on workers, customers, and preservationists. By Jessica Mazzola.

  • The Seaport Mall
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  • An description of the Seaport Mall on Pier 17, its effect on the seaport, and how it came to be. By Shane Skowron.

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