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Academic Advising
During the year, students meet regularly with their academic advisor, a full-time member of the faculty or administration - often this will be the very professor leading their first-year seminar (known as Eloquentia Perfecta 1). The one-to-one discussions with their academic advisor help guide the student’s intellectual journey as it unfolds: carefully selecting classes, tracking their academic progress, and setting goals for the future.

The small, close-knit community at FCLC benefits our work in countless ways. One key to Fordham’s success lies in the strong partnerships among faculty and staff which foster creative collaboration. Similarly, students are encouraged to build their own network of support and inspiration and are provided the skills and opportunities to do so. As students integrate into the Fordham community and explore all that is offered, they discover how best to achieve their goals – not just their goals for college but for the future that awaits them.

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