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Environmental Science

Environmental Science

Fordham University’s interdisciplinary Environmental Science program provides students with a solid foundation in scientific principles and analysis, and their application to the environment.  The major emphasizes a rigorous curriculum, using an integrated approach that combines concepts and methods across the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and environmental science.

The course requirements for the Environmental Science major consist of four sections:
  • foundation courses required of all Environmental Science majors
  • science elective courses that allow students to tailor their interests toward an emphasis on life or chemical sciences approach
  • a required environmental research or internship experience
  • humanities/policy/ethics courses with an environmental emphasis
Some of the world’s leading institutions in science research are within walking distance of the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses: The New York Botanical Garden, the Bronx Zoo, and the American Museum of Natural History. And Fordham’s own Louis Calder Biological Field Station, Seismic Observatory, and instructional laboratories provide students with many opportunities for hands-on research.

Government and private sector opportunities for Environmental Science graduates include careers in environmental conservation or monitoring, ecological system or climate modeling, environmental policy development, education, and environmental consulting.  Graduates may be employed in areas such as environmental research, biological conservation, developing environmental regulations, or monitoring compliance with those regulations. 

The Environmental Science program will develop critical thinking skills and ensure that students are well prepared for further graduate or professional study in science, engineering, business, and law.

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