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Fashion Studies Minor

Fashion Studies Minor

New York City is one of the fashion capitals of the world. New York Fashion Week, every February and September, is hosted next door to Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus. In 2012 Fashion Week generated an estimated $865 million for the city.   Fordham Law School also houses the first fashion law institute in the country.  Like so many other fields, the fashion industry is in a time of transformation. Growth in emerging markets, the rise of new media and social networks, and increasing pressure to develop merchandise that is produced and marketed sustainably are among the various new challenges impacting the world of fashion.

 New York City is home to a variety of schools and programs offering studies in fashion, but none of these fashion programs are situated within a four-year, traditional liberal arts undergraduate college.  Placing a program of fashion studies within a liberal arts institution provides the perfect context in which to prepare young people to enter the fashion industry with a broad understanding of the many ways in which the world of style functions in the world today: psychologically, sociologically, historically, politically, economically, thus empowering them to help bring about changes in the industry itself.

 Curriculum: An interdisciplinary minor, weaving together business, creativity, and social theory. Students will take six courses: 3 required introductory courses, one in each of these three areas: introduction to fashion and culture, introduction to fashion design, and introduction to the business of fashion), and 3 electives, depending upon their specific area of interest.

 Three required courses:

ANTH-1500—Introduction to Fashion & Culture

THEA-1210—Introduction to Fashion Design

MKBU-3436—The Business of Fashion

 Three electives chosen from courses such as these:

 AFAM-3133—The Poetics andPolitics of Youth Performance

COMM-2601—Fashion as Communication: The Syntax of Style

COMM-2775--Fashion and Costuming in Film

COMM-3111—Gender Images in Media

COMM-3501—Public Relations

COMM-4606—The History of Women’s Magazines

PSYC-3320—Consumer Behavior

SOCI-2200—Sociology of Culture

THEA-1151—Drawing: Architecture and Stage

THEA-1220—Fashion Techniques

THEA-2211—Stage Makeup and Hair

THEA-2230—Costume Design

 Possible careers for fashion minors linked to relevant majors:

    Public Relations: fashion show producer, public relations specialist, fashion editor

    Fashion Media: magazine editors, staff writers, marketing/social media assistant

    Fashion Design: design director, fashion forecaster, designer

    Merchandising and Retail: Merchandise Manager, product specialist, trend analyst

    Marketing and brand management: marketing executive, international marketing director, e-commerce catalog manager.

The Fashion Minor will be offered officially beginning in the fall of 2014 although courses listed above taken before then will count towards the minor.

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Dean Joseph B. Desciak
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