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The Honors Program at Fordham College Lincoln Center is an opportunity for talented and motivated students to explore many areas of learning in a small intellectual community of student scholars and faculty. The program is limited to approximately 16 students in each year who are selected in the spring before their first semester. Each class is advised by a faculty member who stays with the group through their four years. The Honors Program curriculum replaces the core curriculum with a program of active and often independent learning in intensive seminar-style classes. Students are expected to be actively engaged in every seminar and class and be willing to go far beyond the minimum levels of successful learning. Members of the Honors Program should have a passion for learning.

Honors Program Brochure (PDF)


Freshman Year
In the first semester, honor students take five courses:
  • An honors seminar in English literature and composition
  • An honors seminar in Philosophy
  • A modern or classical language **
  • A mathematics course at the level of calculus or higher or a lab science course
    (Interdisciplinary Natural Science I with lab or General Biology I with lab)
  • An elective course or a course toward the major area of study
In second semester, honors students take two additional seminars, two continuing courses, and a new course of choice:
  • An honors seminar in History
  • An honors seminar in Theology
  • Continuation of a modern or classical language **
  • Continuation of a mathematics course at the level of calculus or higher or of a lab science course (e.g., General Biology II with lab)
  • An elective course or a course toward the major area of study
There are also a variety of field trips and other events that the honors students share: recent examples include seeing Puccini's opera Turandot at the New York City Opera, reading Walt Whitman while walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, or visiting the Lower East Side Tenement Museum.
** Language options currently include Latin, Ancient Greek, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese. Students beginning a new language at Fordham must attain the advanced level (that is, five semesters).
Sophomore Year
There are five requirements in the sophomore honors curriculum: two common honors courses each semester and a fine arts course of the student's choosing. The sophomore courses are designed to have different topics as the program develops. In the 2005-2006 academic year, sophomore honors students take two seminars during the Fall semester on issues related to Urbanization, taught by a sociologist and historian respectively. In the Spring semester, honors students take two seminars on issues related to Globalization, taught by a professor of religious studies and political science respectively. In addition, if students have not reached the advanced level in the study of a modern or classical language, they will continue the study of their chosen language. There are also field trips and additional get-togethers during sophomore year. During this year, honor students must decide on their course of study for junior year.
Junior Year
During Junior year, students have even greater freedom to develop their honors curriculum in discussions with their advisor. Juniors can fulfill the third year requirements in one of the following ways:
  • Junior year or semester abroad
  • One term or full-year tutorial with a faculty member
  • One term or full-year community-based learning project
  • One term or full-year internship
In addition, there are a series of symposia for junior honors students who are not studying abroad.
Senior Year
In first semester of senior year, honors students have two responsibilities:
  • To participate in the Honors Seminar on Moral Choices and Values
  • In consultation with their advisor, develop plans for their senior thesis or project in their major area. A written description of the thesis or project, along with the approval of the major advisor and the honors advisor, must be submitted to the assistant dean of seniors by the end of first semester.
In second semester, students complete the thesis or project, as well as finish up any other required courses for their major or necessary electives.



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