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Business Administration Minor

  Business Adminstration Minor

Students who are planning to pursue a graduate degree in business administration and/or who expect to seek a career in business can both gain a broader background in career preparation and satisfy some pre-requisites for admission to a master's program in business administration. Courses in accounting, finance, marketing, management, statistics and computer management are offered. Credits for up to six business courses may be applied to a student's graduation requirements.

As a result of an agreement with the Gabelli School of Business, students in Fordham College at Lincoln Center may complete a minor in business administration. In order to fulfill the requirements for the minor, students must take the following courses:

Liberal Arts Courses: Fordham College at Lincoln Center
  • ECLU 1100 - Basic Macroeconomics
  • ECLU 1200 - Basic Microeconomics
  • ECLU 2140 - Statistics I or SSLU 2606 - Social Science Statistics
    or PSLU 2000 - Statistics
Subtotal: three courses

Gabelli School of Business Courses
  • ACBU 2222 - Introduction to Financial Accounting
Choose two of the following courses:
  • ICBU 2300 - Information Systems
  • CMBU 2665 - Business Communications
  • BLBU 2234 - Legal Framework of Business
  • FNBU 3221- Financial Management
  • MGBU 3223 - Principles of Management
  • MKBU 3225 - Marketing Principles
Choose one additional course in accounting, or an advanced course in either of the areas selected above.
Subtotal: four courses

Total: seven courses



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