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Pre-Medical/Dental Program

  Pre-Medical/Dental Program

The following information is intended to serve as a guide for those students interested in applying for admission to a graduate degree program in dentistry, medicine, veterinary medicine, or optometry. The information is not intended to be all-inclusive. Students must meet regularly with an advisor, attend scheduled advising meetings, and read material posted on appropriate bulletin boards.

In order to be considered a competitive candidate, students must excel academically, and they should have completed required courses prior to the time of application. In addition, it is also extremely important that students build a curriculum that reflects not only the sciences but also humanities and social sciences. Students should keep in mind the fact that academic course load is an important aspect of any professional school's evaluation of performance.

A second, but important aspect of preparation is the self-development that can occur through invaluable experience gained by either paid or volunteer activities in a health care setting. These activities, especially if they are continuing, may help to reinforce one's interest in a particular health profession or stimulate one to explore alternative careers. Students are also encouraged to become familiar with social and political aspects of the health care profession. This can be accomplished by attending lectures, reading current periodicals, and reading professional journals.

Students must meet academic and course standards established by the professional schools. A student applicant need not be a science major in order to meet these requirements; however, most applicants from Fordham College at Lincoln Center are natural science majors. The following courses constitute a minimum requirement, and students should check with particular professional school catalogues about additional requirements. These same courses are also needed for the natural science major.


Basic Courses Required by Professional Schools
One year of general biology with lab
One year of general chemistry with lab
One year of organic chemistry with lab
One year of general physics with lab
One semester of mathematics (Calculus/applied calculus)
First Year
First-year students meet during orientation with a pre-medical advisor and plan a schedule of courses based on high school academic preparation, SAT scores, advanced placement and other factors. Although course planning is individualized, most students complete the basic required courses by the end of the third year. Any pre-medical students who are also Natural Science majors must complete the sequence of courses required for the major. Course planning is done in consultation with a faculty advisor. Faculty advisor: Grace Vernon (212-636-6324), LL 815G.



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