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FAQ - Academic Advising

Fordham College at Lincoln Center Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Advising

How do I find out who my class dean is?

Your class dean corresponds to how many years you have been at Fordham. Once you have completed one year of Fordham, the Sophomore class dean is your advisor. After two years, please see the junior class dean; and, after three years or more, the senior class dean is your advisor.

How do I find out who my academic advisor is?

Students can find the name of their advisor using the View Student Information function on My.Fordham or by accessing Degree Works.

Advising Holds
What is an advising hold?

All students will have an advising hold placed on their account prior to registration. The advisor will remove this advising hold once the student and advisor have met before registration and the advisor has approved the proposed schedule for the next semester.

Majors and Minors

How do I declare a double major? Is it possible to have a triple major?

A student may declare a double major by picking up a ‘major form’ from Leon Lowenstein Center 804, having the form signed by the associate chair of each of the respective departments, and then returning it to his or her class dean. Students are not permitted to pursue a triple major.

Can I add a minor? How many minors can I declare?

After a student has declared a major, he or she may choose to add a minor. Students may choose up to two minors. Please keep in mind, however, that unless one is a Communication and Media Studies major, a minor is not required to graduate.

Core and Major Requirements

How do I know which core requirements I still have to complete?

Prior to the spring registration period, all juniors will receive a letter from their class dean indicating which core requirements have not yet been met. Students are also able to check their status on My.Fordham and via the Core Curriculum Checklist on Degree Works.

How do I know which major requirements I still have to complete?

Students may check their progress towards their major, minor, or degree program via the Degree Works function on My.Fordham.


When do I register for classes?

Students are able to register for courses depending on the number of credits they have completed. Check My.Fordham prior to registration to check the number of credits you have earned and to see if there are any holds that may prohibit you from registering in a timely manner.

Study Abroad

I want to study abroad. What should I do?

If you are interested in the study abroad programs available, you should contact the Office of International and Study Abroad Programs (33 W. 60th St. 212-636-7135). Students should consult with the ISAP during the fall semester of sophomore year.

Are there any special academic considerations for studying abroad?

Students who intend to study abroad should have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0.

  • Students must have completed a minimum of 60 credits (junior standing).
  • Please check with the Office of International and Study Abroad Programs and your class dean to make sure that all core, major, and graduation requirements will be met upon your return.
  • Summer Courses

    I am interested in taking summer courses outside of Fordham University. What do I do?

    You should begin by contacting your class dean. You will need to fill out the Summer Session Approval form available in the Assistant Dean's Office, Leon Lowenstein Center 804. Please take note of the following:

    • In order to receive major credit for the course, you must secure approval from the Assistant Chair of the department.
    • In order to receive core and elective credit for the course, you must secure approval from your class dean.

    Will I receive credit for courses taken at other universities?

    If you plan to take or have taken a college-level course while a student at Fordham College at Lincoln Center, note that the course must be taken at an accredited four-year university and you must have received a grade of “C” or higher.

  • In order to receive major credit for the course, you must secure approval from the Associate Chair of the department.
  • In order to receive core and elective credit for the course, you must secure prior approval from your class dean BEFORE you register for the course.
  • How do I receive credit for courses taken at other universities?

    You need to make sure that your transcripts have been sent to Fordham University. If you are unsure whether your scores have been sent, please contact your class dean.

    If your transcripts have not been sent, you need to contact the registrar of the university and request that transcripts are sent directly to Dean Desciak, Assistant Dean for Juniors and Transfer Students.


    How can I get academic (course) credit for internships?

    • Internships-for-credit must be linked to academic course work. In order to be eligible for an internship, a student must have a GPA of 3.0 or above and have completed at least 60 credits (junior status).
    • Many departments offer 4-credit internship courses that count towards the completion of the 36 courses required for graduation, as well as towards the major or minor (if needed): Art History, Communication and Media Studies, Computer and Information Science, Economics, Environmental Science, Latin American and Latino Studies, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.
    • FCLC students may also take the general 4-credit internship course offered by Fordham School of Professional and Continuing Studies (PCS), “Career Management/Internship”.
    • With the proper prerequisite and the permission of the instructor, Fordham College students may also enroll in the 3-credit Internship courses offered by the Gabelli School of Business. Although these courses will count towards the 36 courses required for graduation, they will NOT count towards a major without the expressed permission of the Department. Students with a major or minor in Communications may pursue a second and third internship. Both are worth 2-credits and do NOT count as courses towards the fulfillment of the 36-course requirement for graduation or towards the major or minor.
    • Studentsare also able to arrange credited internships on a tutorial basis with professors who teach in related fields (e.g., a publishing internship with an English professor). The academic work of the internship can be negotiated and, according to its demands, can be valued at 1 to 4 credits.
    • Only an internship-tutorial of 3 or 4 credits counts as a course towards the 36 courses fulfilling graduation requirements.

    How do I find an internship?

    Questions about Internships should be directed to the Office of Career Planning and Placement, 33 W. 60th St. 8th floor (212-636-6280). Click here for further information. In many cases, academic departments keep a list of internship sites in NYC. A list of departmental chairs is available in Lowenstein Center 804.


    What is a tutorial?

    A tutorial is an independent study in which a student (or sometimes a small group of students) works with a professor on a topic of mutual interest. A student wishing to pursue a tutorial should approach a faculty member about a possible tutorial. If the faculty member is amenable, the instructor and the student jointly design the tutorial, stating in a tutorial form the class objectives, class requirements, the desired number of credits, and the appropriate bibliography.

    How do I register for a tutorial?

    To register for a tutorial, the tutorial form must be signed (tutorial forms may be obtained in Leon Lowenstein Center 804) by the instructor and (if the tutorial is to count for major or minor credit) by the appropriate department chair, and then submitted to the student’s class dean for his or her signature.

    5-Course Option

    Can I take five courses in a semester?

    Juniors and seniors who have a GPA of 3.0 or above may take a fifth course provided that they obtain the permission of their class dean. A form for requesting a fifth course is available in Leon Lowenstein Center 804. Students should be aware that taking a fifth course might entail additional tuition charges if the number of credits taken exceeds 18. Students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.7 or above or whose GPA for the prior two semesters was 3.7 or above may be eligible to receive a scholarship for any additional credits attendant upon taking a fifth course, provided the course is taken solely to enrich the academic program and is not used toward satisfying the minimum number of courses and credits required for graduation.

    Students may NEVER take 6+ courses a semester.


    What is service learning?

    The Service Learning Program is part of Fordham University’s Community Service Program. The Service Learning Program provides students with several means by which to integrate community service experience with their academic coursework.

    How do I participate in the service-learning program?

    To find out more about the program, contact the Dorothy Day Center for Service and Justice at Lincoln Center (Lowenstein SL18A; 212-636-7464).

    Absence Reports

    What is Fordham College at Lincoln Center’s attendance policy?

    Please see the Lincoln Center Student Handbook.

    What is the difference between an excused and unexcused absence?

    Generally, absences for reasons of religious holiday, serious illness, death in the student’s immediate family, or required participation in a University-sponsored event are, with the appropriate documentation, excused absences.

    What kind of documentation is needed to validate my absence?

    For serious illness and other medical reasons, you will need to provide documentation from an outside medical facility indicating why you missed class. For all other reasons or with any questions, please inquire with your class dean.

    Who do I notify of an absence?

    You should bring the appropriate documentation to the Office of the Assistant Deans (Leon Lowenstein Center 804, 212-636-6350). With the dean’s approval, an Absence Report will be sent to your professors, affirming that the absence has been documented and is therefore excused.


    How do I add or drop a class?

    During the first week of classes, students may add and drop courses via My.Fordham. After the add/drop period ends, students may no longer add or drop any course themselves; students may, however, withdraw from a course, incurring a “W”, without academic penalty until the withdrawal deadline listed in the academic calendar, with the permission of the class dean.


    What is Pass/Fail?

    The pass/fail option exists to allow students to experiment and undertake new and difficult coursework; it allows students to get course credit for the class without receiving a letter grade. Note that no courses required to fulfill the core, a major, or a minor in any college of the University may be taken on a Pass/Fail basis; the course taken Pass/Fail must be a pure, free elective. Juniors and seniors are allowed to take one course Pass/Fail per year.

    How do I apply for a Pass/Fail grade?

    Students must apply for a Pass/Fail grade before the Pass/Fail deadline as indicated in the University academic calendar. In order to take a course on a Pass/Fail basis, the approval of the appropriate class dean is required. Students may acquire the paperwork in LL 804.


    What is an Incomplete?

    A student may request a temporary grade of Incomplete (INC) if he or she is unable to complete a course requirement (other than the final exam) prior to the end of the term because of extraordinary circumstances such as illness, emergency, or other serious unforeseen difficulty. If, in light of the student’s otherwise satisfactory performance in the course, the request is approved by the instructor, the grade of INC is entered on the final grade roster, and the student is thereby granted a limited extension of time that is not to exceed the deadline specified in the academic calendar for submission of the outstanding paper, project, or other work.

    How do I request a grade of Incomplete?

    To request a grade of Incomplete, a student must submit an Undergraduate Petition for a Grade of Incomplete (available from his or her class dean) prior to the final examination. The petition should include thereason for granting the Incomplete, and must be signed by both the student and the instructor. The instructor must submit the completed Undergraduate Petition for a Grade of Incomplete to the Office of Academic Records (with a copy to the class dean of the student home school) before marking and sending in the INC grade. The grade of INC will not be permitted unless the petition is on file.

    On completion of the course requirements, the INC will, with the approval of the class dean, be removed and replaced by a permanent grade. If the requirements are not completed by the date specified by the academic calendar, the INC will be changed automatically to an F.


    What are the academic criteria for dean's list?

    In order to qualify for the dean’s list, students will need to achieve a GPA of at least 3.6 while completing at least 24 letter-graded credits during the previous academic year. In the fall semester, a ceremony will be held honoring all of the students who made the Dean’s list for their outstanding work in the preceding year.

    I received an academic warning letter. What do I do now?

    Read over the contents of the letter very carefully and follow its instructions. In particular, make sure that you get in touch with the professor in whose class you are doing poorly to learn how you can improve your performance. You should also make an appointment to meet with your class dean.

    I have received notification that I am on academic probation. What do I do now?

    Students who received a notification informing them that they are on probation should review very carefully the conditions of their probation to make certain they understand what is now going to be required of them. Once they have done so, they should make an appointment to see their class dean, and make sure they bring the signed letter to their appointment. Students on academic probation on are in danger of being dismissed from the College.

    Course Withdrawal

    What is a Course Withdrawal?

    A course withdrawal allows students to exit a course before the withdrawal deadline listed in the academic calendar. With the appropriate permissions, a grade of W will be awarded, a grade, which carries no academic penalty. After the withdrawal deadline, he or she will be awarded the grade of WF, a grade that is the equivalent of an earned F in the cumulative quality point index. *Students should refer to p. 64 of the Undergraduate Bulletin regarding the minimum credit completion policy. Resident students are required to maintain a minimum of 12 credits for campus housing.

    How do I withdraw from a course?

    Withdrawing from a course is a serious decision that can have major repercussions on your course plan. Thus, every student is required to obtain the permission of his or her class dean before withdrawing from a course. Additionally, the application for a course withdrawal must be received by the deadline listed in the academic calendar; after that date a grade of WF will be incurred. For further information, contact your class dean.

    Leave of Absence

    What is a leave of absence?

    Full-time day students in good standing may request a one-semester leave of absence (renewable on written request, and at the class dean's discretion, for one additional semester). To request a leave of absence, a student must write a letter in a timely manner, preferably at least two weeks before the semester begins, to the appropriate dean, discussing the reason (e.g., illness, family crisis) for the request. The class dean, acting on a case-by-case basis, grants leave requests. During a leave of absence and at least two weeks prior to the subsequent semester, the student must inform the class dean in writing of an intention to return. The class dean will inform the Office of Academic Records each time a leave is granted and also on receipt of written notice of intention to return. The Dean of Students may also need to evaluate student ability to return. Please note, students are not permitted to take courses for credit while on a leave of absence.

    Voluntary Withdrawal

    What is a voluntary withdrawal?

    Students in good standing may voluntarily withdraw from the college with the understanding that they may be considered for readmission. Readmission is subject to the discretion of the authorized dean and any conditions for readmission noted below. Upon the class dean’s acceptance of a voluntary withdrawal, refunds are governed by the schedule published in the Undergraduate Bulletin. Students who withdraw involuntarily because of disciplinary sanctions or academic deficiencies may be precluded from readmission to Fordham College and may not be entitled to tuition and fee refund.

    Graduate School

    I want to go to graduate school in the arts and sciences. How should I begin this process?

    If you are interested in attending graduate school in the arts and sciences, you should begin by contacting Dean Joseph Creamer, Assistant Dean for Seniors (Leon Lowenstein Center 804, 212-636-6350). It is also helpful to speak with faculty members in the discipline you have interest in.

    I want to go to law school. How should I begin this process?

    If you are interested in attending law school, you should contact Hillary Mantis, J.D., Pre-Law Advisor (33 W 60th St. Room 814,, 212-636-6281).

    I want to go to medical school. How should I begin this process?

    If you are interested in pursuing a pre-health curriculum and/or a health profession, you should contact Prof. Grace Vernon, Ph.D., J.D., Professor of Biology and Chair of the Department of Natural Sciences (Leon Lowenstein Center 813,, 212-636-6324).

    I’m interested in Fordham’s accelerated master’s programs. How do I find out more about these programs?

    If you are interested in Fordham’s accelerated master’s programs, you should begin by contacting your class dean.


    I’m interested in applying for fellowships. How should I begin this process?

    • Students interested in applying for fellowships should contact the Office of Prestigious Fellowships (also known as the Campion Institute).
    • In addition, students with GPAs of 3.6 or above should also go to the Campion Institute’s website to get more information about the variety of fellowship that are available and then contact Ms. Mary Shelley (Lowenstein 716,,212-636-7634) if they are interestedin a particular fellowship or fellowships.
    • Students thinking about applying for Fulbright Fellowship should contact Ms. Elizabeth Brown (Thebaud 106,, 718-817-2771).

    Where can I find information on FCLC and financial aid?

    Click here for information on FCLC, here for information on University Scholarships and financial aid, and here for information on prestigious fellowships.

    Financial Aid, Billing, Change of Address, Scholarship

    I need information on my financial aid package, tuition, scholarship, change of address, or obtaining an official transcript.

    Contact the Office of Enrollment/Financial Services located on the 2nd floor of the Leon Lowenstein Center.

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