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Support Facilities

  Support Facilities
The Economics Tutoring Center - Lowenstein 302F

The Economics Department offers free tutoring services in Basic Microeconomics, Basic Macroeconomics, Statistics I, and Statistical Decision Making. The Tutoring Center is located at the Math and Economics Help Room on the third floor in Room LL302F. The office telephone number is (212) 636-7410. During the regular semester, the Center is staffed four days a week and the times are posted. Feel free to stop by. If a tutor is available, we will be happy to assist you. If a tutor is not free, you can sign up for a time slot that will work for you. If you are unable to keep an appointment please call to notify us ASAP.

The Language Laboratory - Lowenstein 412

The Language Laboratory is a multimedia, state-of-the-art language learning center, designed to service the general Fordham University community. It is a multi-use, interactive computer-based facility with CD-ROM, audio, video and DVD capabilities interfaced throughout 25 student work stations and connected to a master control console. All positions are equipped with up-to-date computers, periodically upgraded to meet the highest standards of current technology, and the very latest in audio listening and recording hardware. Computers offer zip drives, CD-ROM, DVD and Internet access as well as voice recognition programs and video viewing options in various formats. The cassette recorder/player assembly allows for traditional listening and dubbing as well as selected repetition through internal memory and search modes. The master control console houses several high tech computerized devices that enable instructors to interact with students and monitor their oral performance and computer output on an individual and/or group basis. This control console is electronically designed for the simultaneous transmission of CD-ROM, DVDs, computer software, audio programs and video programs, thus making a variety of language oriented activities available in the Language Laboratory at any given time. The facility also features a sophisticated projection system which will accommodate groups of 25 for the viewing of films and computer presentations.
Mathematics Help Room - Lowenstein 302F
The Department of Mathematics runs a Math Help Room staffed entirely by faculty, both full-time and part-time. It is located in Lowenstein 302F and is available twelve hours per week. The exact schedule varies from semester to semester, and is posted on the door of that room. The Help Room is available on four different weekdays, one of which has hours in the late afternoon to early evening. No appointment is necessary to come to the Help Room – assistance is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Any student enrolled in a mathematics course at Fordham is welcome to come and seek help. There is no charge for this service.
Student Technology Services
Instructional Technology Academic Computing (ITAC), a division of Information Technology provides computing and technology support for the Lincoln Center student community and other campuses of Fordham University. To discover Fordham University computer and technology resources please visit us at the Student Technology Services website. This web site contains information for students regarding the purchase of computers and peripherals, network connectivity, wireless on campus, computing labs and computing support resources. Technology questions not covered on this site may be directed to the University Help Desk at extension 3999 Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
The College Writing Center - Lowenstein 302 E
The Writing Center offers one-on-one tutoring to all Fordham students on all levels of writing. From Freshmen to Graduate students, from expository compositions to advanced research papers, from topic development to editing techniques, the Writing Center helps all students in all aspects of the writing process. Our trained tutors work with students in private, one-on-one sessions to help students become better writers. Students can visit the Writing Center in different ways; they can schedule appointments by signing up on the schedules posted at 302 E Lowenstein, call to make an appointment at ext. 6417, or simply walk in during the center's hours. Students can also visit our online service and submit essays by visiting the website or e-mail us a quick question. The Writing Center also hosts workshops during the school year; visit our website or call for information. These services are free to all students, and with our expanded day and evening hours, as well as our on-line services. The Writing Center is easier than ever for all busy Fordham students to use.
Visual Arts Complex
The twelve-thousand-square-foot Visual Arts Complex at Lincoln Center has studios designed to offer the best possible environment for each discipline: a large, airy painting and drawing studio, a dedicated graphics lab with all of the industry standard graphics programs, state of the art film and video editing and screening facilities, an architectural lab with computers, large plotter printers, and work tables. In addition, there is an outstanding photography area with computer and printing digital capabilities, a well-equipped darkroom and separate finishing and critique rooms. All studios are available to students whenever classes are not in session including weekends, evenings, and school breaks.

The department has two galleries at Lincoln Center. The Ildiko Butler Gallery is located near the 60th Street entrance. Exhibits feature senior student projects and museum quality exhibitions of interest to the entire university community. The Lipani Gallery located in the Visual Arts Complex features student work and the work of invited artists related to the curriculum.    



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