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Board of Advisors

  Board of Advisors

Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) provides a strong liberal arts education, including more than two dozen majors in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, with innovative programs of study in theatre, dance, studio art, communication/media studies and social work to a full-time student body on its Manhattan campus.

Fordham School of Professional and Continuing Studies (PCS) provides a strong liberal arts education by offering outstanding academic programs to a part-time student body on both the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses. Although each College serves a distinct student body, both colleges provide a liberal arts education in the Jesuit tradition to a multi-ethnic, intergenerational student body of diverse social, economic, and cultural backgrounds, based on a common core curriculum which enables students in both Colleges equal access to full-time faculty.

The Board
The Board was formed in 1987 at the request of the President of the University. Over the years the Board has been involved in a broad range of initiatives in undergraduate education at Lincoln Center and continues in that role. The Board's main objective is to assist FCLC and PCS in clarifying, solidifying, and communicating distinct identities both within and outside Fordham University consistent with the special role of each college within the overall University system. The Board serves as a trusted advisor to the Deans of both Colleges, providing them with counsel, advice, support and ideas related to achieving the unique goals of each College consistent with the broader goals of the University as a whole. The Board offers its expertise and community contacts to the Colleges in such areas as recruiting, program development, facilities, alumni relations and, where indicated, specific fundraising activities. The Board supports the Colleges' academic programs and goals. Members of the Board assist the Colleges by working individually, by serving on committees of the Board and of the Colleges (where appropriate), by listening to students, faculty and administrators to better understand the needs of the Colleges, and by regularly attending full meetings of the Board.

Board Members
Delia Peters, Chair, CLC 1985
Ian Belinfanti, Executive Committee, CLC 1979
Rocco Andriola, CLC 1979
Michael Abel, CLC 1972
Dagmar Cassan, CLC, 1977
Jacqueline Comesanas, CLC 1983
Melissa Cornick, CLC 1981
Patricia Dugan, CLC 1979
Christopher Johnson, CLC 1982
John P. Kehoe, FCO 1960, CLC 1985
Joseph Looby, CLC 1986
James Marsh, CLC 1972
Susanne Matthews-Foye, CLC 1981
Elizabeth W. Mooney, CLC 1988
Johnnie Planco, CLC 1972
Carol Robles-Roman, CLC 1983
Clara Rodriguez
Byron Shafer
Amy Stravitz, CLC 1990
Kate Whitney, CLC 1979
Nicholas Zennario, CLC 1987



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