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Students and Faculty
FCLC has a student body of approximately 1700, with small and personalized classes, in keeping with the Jesuit tradition of caring for each student as an individual.

The college welcomes transfer students. Each year many students receive credit for course work completed at other universities and go on to complete their bachelor's degrees at FCLC.

Many graduates of the College continue their education at outstanding medical, dental, law, graduate and other professional schools across the United States and abroad.

A strong full-time arts and sciences faculty of about 140 is based at Lincoln Center and is augmented with colleagues from Rose Hill. Adjunct professors bring to classes special professional expertise.

Many members of the faculty are well-known and established scholars, authors and editors in a wide range of academic disciplines. Others are active practitioners including painters, photographers, filmmakers, poets, composers, and Obie-winning actors and directors.

Faculty from theatre, English and communication and media studies collaborate to offer a minor in creative writing.

Accelerated Graduate Programs

FCLC maintains programs with the professional schools of Fordham University with whom we share the Lincoln Center campus and with the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at the Rose Hill campus.

Qualified students may gain entry to the 3-3 program with Fordham Law School and thereby save a year of study.

Completion of the B.A. in social work enables graduates who matriculate at Fordham University School of Social Service to complete the M.S.W. degree in one year.

The college, in collaboration with the Graduate School of Education, coordinates a teacher education track leading to certification.

Business courses offered on the Lincoln Center campus by Fordham's Gabelli School of  Business allow a student to complete a business minor.

A visual arts complex offers students splendid facilities for painting, drawing, photography, video and computer graphics.

The innovative B.F.A. in dance combines the resources of Fordham and The Ailey School.

Our Global Outreach and community service programs reflect Fordham's Jesuit commitment to educatemen and women who will use their education in the service of others.

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